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Who is Cat Miggs?

The Witty Ball of Fire

I am an Actress, YouTuber and found of Improv IRL. 

I work with teens and actors who struggle with reaching the next level, standing out, booking work, shyness, self expression and finding their place in this world. Taking classes with me students learn various ways that will help them build their confidence, express their inner superpowers and pounce to the next level so they can move beyond the daily grind to discover their creative strengths, find their true voice and book the bigger gig.

Cat's Story:

I started my acting career in NYC, I knew my path was comedy... I was in the beginnings of improv career. A friend and I were not happy about our acting reels, so we decided to make a web series and showcase our comedy. At the time web series was unheard of and YouTube was in it's beginnings as well.

A month later we shot, edited and uploaded our web series "Morning Cup" onto YouTube  and overnight it became a hit. 

Soooo.... I've been with YouTube a long time and as far as improv many wonderful things, from Puppet Improv to Musical Improv to short form to long form and everything in between; boy did I put in my 10,000 hours and I still improv to this day!  

As a shy kid growing up,  learning and practicing improv really helped my communication skills  and thru improv I have found my voice and my inner super power.

When I started using my improv skills to create characters and showcase them on my YouTube Channel: Witty Ball of Fire, I started booking paid gigs. I realized I was onto something, my friends would ask me how I did it... so here I am today with an online course that you can check out HERE

No matter what career you are in, Improv is a great life skill in so many ways. I believe improv is best learned "In Real Life"  thus I created my school: Improv IRL to check out when next class and camp is: CLICK HERE.

Magnet Theater
YouTube NYC
Puppet Improv
YouTube LA
Snake Eyes- Musical Improv
CAT ROBot- duo improv
YouTube NYC
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