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About Cat Miggs:

Cat is the baby of four and always up for an adventure, entertainment and the spotlight. 

Growing up Cat bounced from shyness to extrovert. Shyness gave her the superpower of observation and great listening skills that lead to blossoming into an extrovert with amazing social skills. 

During her school years she strived to be a straight A student falling in love with research and a passion to learn making her a total nerd but hey in today’s world- Nerds are Cool!

Cat currently lives in sunny Los Angeles and if you see Cat on the street she will be rocking a “cat” somewhere on her outfit.

Cat is also a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) survivor and warrior.  She has second chance at life and is taking full advantage. 

Cat is in the middle of developing her magical tv show, two rom-coms, continuous fun shorts and sketches as well as a feature.  Sending out her monthly Miggs the Cat newsletter gets her audience excited for the end of the year Miggs the Cat coloring book.

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