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Explore, Express and Build Oneself with Long-Form Improv to improve everyday life skills that we face in the real world.

Hi I’m Cat Miggs founder of Improv IRL and I work with spectrum young adults who struggle with shyness, self expression and finding their place in the world. Taking my improv program kids get to explore various and fun improv forms with a class show to help them build their confidence and express their inner super powers so they can move beyond the iphones and apps to discover their creative strengths, find their true voice and be able to communicate in any given situation.

As a child who went through special ed and battled with shyness, communication and self expression, it was improv that helped me become the person I am today. Having a disability did not stop me and I want to help others know that having one will not stop them from being the amazing person they want to be. I am proud to open Improv IRL to share, educate and help shape the next generation.

Improv IRL:

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