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Are you booking work off your YouTube Channel?? 

Does your YouTube Channel show how Unique you are??

  • What if Casting Directors would call you in for an audition based off your YouTube Channel?
  • What if you just got Cast off your YouTube Channel?
  • What if companies would give you free product or pay you to talk about or mention their product in your YouTube video?

In this Online YouTube Star Course you will learn how to use YouTube as a tool to add to your audition packet that leads to booking the bigger gig. Learn to organize your playlist that gets you noticed and the importance of having your channel trailer.

And yes you will get more subscribers and viewers but that’s not the name of the game anymore, find out the latest YouTube rules so that you can leverage your YouTube channel to get you work.

  • Online (at your computer) - 6 courses

  • Covering topics such as:

  • Channel Theme

  • Inside Secrets of YouTube Layout

  • Your Channel Trailer to stardom

  • How to build your fan list 

  • Reach to your fan list and expand

  • When and Why to make videos unlisted, private and public.

  • All about Collaborations

  • Online Workbook

Regular Price: $249 

Sale Price : $97

just Want an individual course?

  1. One on One sessions to set up a plan of action

  2. Fix/clean up your YouTube Channel 

  3. monthly maintenance  to keep your channel up-to-date

  • Sign up below for a FREE Channel Check to learn more...

Where you  will chat about your YouTube channel with Cat and set  up a plan  to get you to the NEXT LEVEL​

The Witty Ball of Fire (also name of YouTube Channel)

I am an Actress, YouTuber,  YouTube specialist and founder of Improv IRL, I work with teens and actors who are struggling with reaching the next level, standing out and booking work. Taking my online YouTube Star Course--> learn the 6 tools and tricks to help Tweak your YouTube Channel and POUNCE to the Next Level so we can move beyond the daily grind and book the Bigger Gig!!!

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